The idea

Inventor and Innovator -  Ákos Blaskovich

Inventor and Innovator - Ákos Blaskovich

„Earth is overpopulated. Our future is not sustainable with our current ordinary
buildings and energy consumption. If we want to live up to our scientists’ and
experts’ expectation of being carbon neutral by 2050 to prevent further
changes in our atmosphere, we must revolutionise the construction industry.

An island on dry land

If we move into a Noah House in nature, we are invisible in nature’s eyes. We
won’t have an ecological footprint, we won’t be using any resources to sustain
our living arrangements, however, we will be giving back to nature all its gifts
given to us.
Starting from 2021, only minimal energy-demanding houses will get
occupancy permit. Global warming does exist. We pollute the air by using
fossil fuels, which are irreplaceable, finite energy sources.
Renewable energy is the key to the future, our contribution to our children’s
and grandchildren’s future.