• This innovative Noah project, managed by us, is a Hungarian invention.
  • The patent “Noah House” technology produces an active structure with a lightweight, prefabricated, high-tech wood structure.
  • Properties built with our technology are independent and free from supplier bills. Not having to connect to utilities e.g.: electricity, gas, sewage, or even water supply reduces living costs for the occupants tremendously.
  • Construction and customization costs can be recovered quickly.
  • Noah Solution is a brand new complex concept of sustainable building and living. The technology is fully committed to the use of renewable energy, as well as optimal and cost-effective consumption. It has the capacity to improve the future of our planet with its innovative solutions.
  • Our team, the Noah Solution group, is fully committed to sustainable development, an eco-conscious lifestyle, the protection of our natural resources, minimization of pollutant emissions, and our ecological footprint, recycling, and eco-friendly solutions.


Main charasterestics of the Noah Patent:

  • Sustainable development
  • Environmentally conscious solution
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Natural and renewable materials
  • Reducing the ecological footprint
  • Nature-friendly solutions