Base- ground screws

Base- ground screws

Extraordinarily, the base laying is done by ground screws. Thanks to this, it can be finished considerably quicker despite wather conditions.


Additional advantages:


  • Quick installation, on any soil, in every season.
  • No concreting, utility connection.
  • No ecological footprint.
  • Due to the ground screws, the house is above ground level, teherefore withstands soil moisture, flood, or extreme rain conditions.
  • The building’s walls and floor do not lay on the ground, therefore escape the ordinary houses’ waterlogging and soaking problems. 



Freame structure, walls, ceilings

The walls, ceilings and roof are made of pre-made panels. The panels are produced by modern manufacturing technology, with excellent quality frame structure and cellulose-, and woodfiber insulation.



  • Quick to build.
  • Modern technology, special insulation, pre-made wired wall panels.
  • Outstanding thermal-engineering parameters.
  • Robust structure, withstanding extreme weather conditions (e.g.: earthquakes up to scale 7 Richter scale, continuous 100-120 km/h windspeed)
  • The bordering structures – panels, outer doors and windows- heat conduction surpasses the newest building–energy regulations.
Freame structure, walls, ceilings