NOAH Tech enhances all modular house technology by creating independence of public utilities.

We are committed to sustainable development, eco-conscious lifestyle, protecting our natural resources, minimising pollutant emissions, recycling, minimising our ecological footprint and eco-friendly solutions.

Let’s not leave our ecological footprint behind, not dig anything into our soil – except plants of course- lets be independent from public utilities and live in harmony with nature.

Liveable surroundings for the residents, reproducible living space for the future generations.

Respect nature! Sustainable life and prolonged years to our planet!

The idea

„Earth is overpopulated. Our future is not sustainable with our current ordinary buildings and energy consumption. If we want to live up to our scientists’ and experts’ expectation of being carbon neutral by 2050 to prevent further changes in our atmosphere, we must revolutionise the construction industry"

(Ákos Blaskovich - the inventor)


A professional jury voted Noah House the 3rd most remarkable Hungarian Innovation in 2018!

At the 2018 ‘Top 10 Hungarian Most Remarkable Innovations Gala’, Noah House received a huge acknowledgement as well as Ákos Blaskovich inventor, CEO.

Noah House proves itself again!

The environmental- and eco-friendly, renewable energy utilising, self-sustaining and utility bills free house is no longer a dream but achievable reality.

 It’s legitimacy is stronger and more timely than ever, as the professional jury confirmed it to be an inventional and developmental success. 

 We are thankful for the recognition and trust of our customers and supporters.